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<br /> Thinking Global Podcast – Rahul Verma

On this episode of the Thinking Global Podcast, Dr. Rahul Verma chats with Tusharika (⁠@Tusharika24⁠) about The 2024 Indian Elections. Dr. Verma speaks about India’s electoral system, the party system of India, forecasting the outcome, voting behaviour, the effect of ‘regional’ parties, how these elections may have a global effect, and so much more. This is the first episode of our multilingual ‘India Votes’ series of 2024.

Rahul Verma (@rahul_tverma) is a Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. He is also Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, Ashoka University. His research interests include voting behaviour, party politics, political violence, and media. He is a regular columnist for various news platforms and has published papers in Asian Survey, Economic & Political Weekly, and Studies in Indian Politics. He is the co-author of Ideology and Identity: The Changing Party Systems of India (2018, Oxford University Press) .

Lastly, this week we have another Open Letter Competition. The best entry will be read out on next week’s episode. Please do email your answers (no more than 300 words) to: thinkingglobal.eir@gmail.com.

This week’s challenge seeks to answer the question: To what extent has the post-cold war liberal order been successful?

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