These Celebs Attended the Met Gala With Long, Fairytale-Inspired Hair—Now I’m Canceling My Haircut


The Met Gala might be known as “fashion’s biggest night out,” but it’s also beauty’s biggest night out. (For proof, check out this year’s best beauty looks.) It’s one of the only annual events where celebs go all out with hair and makeup—the bigger, bolder, and more experimental, the better.

Each year, I anxiously watch the red carpet (well, this year, it was green, but you get the point), so I can be the first to see each celebrity’s look. Sure, it’s part of my job as a beauty editor, but if I’m being honest, it’s more than that. The Met Gala is the last major event before the summer season, and as such, it predicts all the biggest trends to come.