Political world hesitant to embrace crypto despite ETFs, says Mario Nawfal



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In a recent interview with Crypto Briefing, Mario Nawfal, a popular Twitter Spaces host and entrepreneur, discussed the current state of crypto adoption in politics, the future of news media, and gaming’s potential to bring mainstream attention to crypto.

Nawfal, who has been in the crypto industry since 2017, has seen his Twitter Spaces grow from a crypto-focused show to a platform that covers a wide range of topics, including breaking news and global political events. Despite the success of his show, Nawfal believes that the political world is still far from embracing crypto.

“Despite the ETF’s, the political world, the traditional world, is far from adopting crypto,” Nawfal said. “But luckily, Elon’s obviously very bullish on crypto. So he hasn’t had any issues in us covering crypto and even covering meme coins.”

Nawfal also touched on the challenges of maintaining credibility in the fast-paced world of breaking news on social media platforms like Twitter (now known as X). He emphasized the importance of finding a balance between preventing the spread of misinformation and disinformation while avoiding becoming an “arbiter of truth.”

“We’re somewhere in the middle between complete centralization, like Meta, and complete decentralization. And you’ve got all these decentralized social platforms on web3,” Nawfal explained. “We’re kind of bridging centralization and decentralization.”

He praised initiatives like X’s community notes, which he believes help decentralize fact-checking by allowing the community to participate rather than leaving it up to a few entities.

Looking to the future, Nawfal believes that trust will become an increasingly rare and valuable commodity in the news media landscape. He criticized the loss of credibility among traditional news networks and suggested that the future of news would favor platforms that maintain integrity over sensationalism.

“The cost of hurting credibility is significantly higher than any reach,” Nawfal explained.

He also expressed his bullishness on the potential of gaming in bringing mainstream adoption to the crypto space.

“I think gaming will bring the mainstream to crypto,” Nawfal stated. “I’ve been saying that since the last bull market. I continue to say this.”

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