Kelly Osbourne denies taking Ozempic following 85-pound weight loss



Kelly Osbourne denied taking Ozempic after losing 85 pounds following the birth of her son.

“I know everybody thinks I took Ozempic,” the “DWTS” alum told Extra.

“I did not take Ozempic,” she professed. “I don’t know where that came from. My mom (Sharon Osbourne) took Ozempic.”

The mom of one said she hasn’t used Ozempic to lose weight. Instagram/@kellyosbourne
Osbourne said she lost 85 pounds by dieting. GC Images

Kelly, 39, claimed she shed the weight after giving birth to her son, Sidney — who she shares with Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson — in 2022.

“I had gestational diabetes and I had to lose the weight that I had gained during pregnancy,” she explained. “Otherwise I was at a higher risk of actually getting diabetes, which I did not want. I cut out sugar and carbohydrates and I rapidly lost weight.”

Earlier this year, Kelly sang the praises of the controversial drug.

The MTV alum lost weight following the birth of her son, Sidney, in 2022. kellyosbourne/Instagram
Osbourne said she had to make changes to her diet because she was at risk of developing diabetes.

“I think it’s amazing,” she told E! News in January. “There are a million ways to lose weight. Why not do it through something that isn’t as boring as working out?”

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She continued, “People hate on it because they want to do it. And the people who hate on it the most are the people who are secretly doing it or pissed off that they can’t afford it. Unfortunately, right now it’s something that is very expensive, but it eventually won’t be because it actually works.”

Kelly’s mother, Sharon, 71, has been open about losing 40 pounds on the drug despite experiencing some nasty side effects.

The “Fashion Police” alum previously praised Ozempic. Getty Images for The Recording Academy
She called the Type 2 diabetes drug “amazing.” FilmMagic

“I was very sick for a couple of months,” she shared on “The Talk.”

“The first couple of months, I just felt nauseous. Every day I felt nauseous, my stomach was upset, whatever.”

Despite how she felt, Sharon said she had zero regrets about taking the medication.

“I don’t regret it. Everything with weight with me was, ‘I want it now,’” she explained on the UK talk show “Loose Women” in January.

Kelly’s mother, Sharon Osbourne, previously revealed she took Ozempic.
The “Osbournes” matriarch says she lost 40 pounds on the drug. Dave Benett/Getty Images

“The injections that I was on worked, but it just seems that now I can’t put anything on really.”

The “Charm School” alum later shared in an interview with the Daily Mail that she would like to put some weight back on but has been unable to do so.

“I’m too gaunt, and I can’t put any weight on,” she explained. “I want to because I feel I’m too skinny. I’m under 100 pounds, and I don’t want to be.”

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