I’ve Been an Editor for Years—This Curly Hair Brand Is the Best I’ve Tried


I’ve come to accept the fact that I have extremely picky hair. If you’ve read any of my other writing, you’ll know that I talk often about how it wasn’t easy to find the right products for my dry and thick curly hair. Silicones? She said, “No, thank you.” Coconut oil? Not a chance!

Last year, I also decided to stop heat-styling every week and embraced my natural texture. To say it has been an adventure trying to find the right products for my curls after this is an understatement. Like I mentioned above, there were certain ingredients that just didn’t agree with my strands. Sometimes, they would make my curls feel hydrated for an hour or two, but they would then get drier over time, which is definitely not the goal. Luckily, I found a brand I can count on to deliver softness, shine, and hydration without the ingredients my hair doesn’t like. Bounce Curl provides all the things curls crave without the things that can dry them out or damage them. It utilizes hero ingredients inspired by the ancestral traditions of founder Merian Odesho.

Kari Seward

Like me, Odesho became frustrated with the number of products she was trying with unsuccessful results and decided to create her own. Featuring organic oils and other natural ingredients, Bounce Curl is perfect for any other curlies out there struggling. I recently tried a handful of products from the brand and love them so much that I had to share—no gatekeeping here! For all my favorites from the brand, keep on scrolling. I’m sharing my thoughts on them below.

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