Is Benzoyl Peroxide Linked to Cancer? We Got Answers From Dermatologists


Hanna MW

In the world of skincare, the safety of ingredients is paramount. Generally, the many products lining shelves boast formulations that are deemed safe for regular use. From algae that can soothe sensitive skin to mandelic acid that can heal acne, rigorous and lengthy testing is usually the way brands determine whether a product is dangerous or safe to use.

Benzoyl peroxide has long been hailed as a star ingredient for acne treatment, well-known for its efficacy in combating blemishes, clearing bacteria, and unclogging deeply filled pores. However, recent discussions have surfaced regarding potential cancer-causing agents lurking within these beloved skincare formulations, specifically an ingredient called benzene. And if a benzene-containing product has expired or is held in an unstable environment, said risk supposedly increases.