Iran vs Israel: Deterrence, drama or distraction?



Of the more than 300 Iranian projectiles launched Israel’s way last week, the vast majority were shot down by Israel and its allies. Israel’s response on Friday against military targets in Isfahan also had more to do with spectacle than substance. Whatever comes next, Iran’s attack – and the way it was characterised in the Western media – may have garnered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government some more support in this global battle of perceptions.


Laleh Khalili – Professor of Gulf studies, University of Exeter
Gideon Levy – Columnist, Haaretz
Mohammad Ali Shabani – Editor, Amwaj.media
Ali Vaez – Iran Project director and senior adviser, Crisis Group

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Ezra Chiloba – Director-General, Communication Authority of Kenya
Reuben Kigame – Broadcast journalist and musician
Lee Scharnick-Udemans – Senior researcher, Desmond Tutu Centre
Rodgers Shibutse – Victim’s son
Joseph Yeri – Journalist

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