I Know My Way Around a Summer Edit—These Are the Staples I Always Pack


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The sun has finally started emerging in London, and as everyone gets their spring clothes out of storage and looks towards warmer days ahead, my mind inevitably drifts to thoughts of summer getaways. Those blissful days spent lounging on sandy shores or exploring quaint coastal towns—I can’t wait. But amidst the excitement of planning my next adventure, there’s one thing I need to get sorted first: what to pack. Over the years, I’ve honed in on a selection of classic summer staples that never fail to earn a spot in my suitcase, ensuring my holiday wardrobe is practical, easy and chic.

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First up on my packing list is a pair of breezy linen trousers, perfect for wandering through bustling markets or enjoying al fresco dinners as the sun sets. Paired with a relaxed basket bag and simple leather sandals, this outfit works no matter what the day has in store. And of course, no summer getaway is complete without a flowing dress that easily transitions from beach cover-up to evening attire with the help of some block heels and accompanied by a trusty pair of sunglasses to shield my eyes from the midday sun.

Picking pieces for your holiday wardrobe can feel overwhelming, but one place I can always rely on to help get the job done is John Lewis. The retailer always offers an array of high-quality pieces from brilliant brands that harmoniously integrate into my seasonal edit. The curated selection of linen trousers, basket bags, sandals, dresses and sunglasses has become the backbone of my summer wardrobe, elevating my style no matter where my travels take me.

John Lewis Summer Edit

(Image credit: John Lewis)

When it comes to styling these summer staples, the possibilities are endless. I can pair linen trousers with an airy white button-down for a day of sightseeing in Rome, or throw on a flowing dress for an evening stroll along the shores of Santorini. Whether I’m exploring cobblestone streets in Positano or soaking up the sun in the south of France, John Lewis’ summer edit has the perfect pieces to suit every destination and occasion, making packing for my next getaway a breeze.

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