I Just Got Back From Barcelona—5 Trends I Was Inspired to Shop


There’s a lot to love about the Barcelona fashion scene, but what amazed me the most during my trip was the number of boutiques spotlighting brands I’d never heard of throughout the winding streets of the city. I popped into store after store, and it felt like there was an endless number of new names to know and learn. I didn’t go on the trip prepared to make a ton of purchases, so now I feel like I need to return to Barcelona with room in my suitcase and a budget for shopping. While I didn’t get to shop, I did get to indulge in people watching, and not a minute went by that I didn’t see someone who’s personal style was intriguing.

I knew from the many hours I spent scrolling through TikTok that Barcelona has a unique fashion scene. People aren’t afraid to experiment and are always flaunting new brands that haven’t even come across my desk yet. I spent the weekend at one of the most comfortable hotels I’ve ever been to, Soho House Barcelona, and with some of the best dressed people coming in and out of the doors there, I was constantly inspired. I took notes throughout my stay, and there were five trends in particular that stood out to me among Barcelona natives and visitors alike. Allow me to rave about them below.

I had a feeling maxi skirts would be all over the streets of Barcelona, so I only packed floor-length hemlines. During this time of year, when things are just starting to warm up, I was well-prepared with this staple on hand and will be wearing it in NYC, too.


I stumbled across a store near my hotel that was filled with colorful and fun jewelry, all at an amazing price point, and it made so much sense for Barcelona. I picked out some mementos and will definitely be returning during my next trip.


Barcelona is definitely a walking city, especially since Ubers take 20 minutes to come around, and I was on my feet a lot. I wish I packed better in the sneaker department because I found myself surrounded by a plethora of colorful styles that I wanted to purchase off the feet of many people passing by.


The people of Barcelona are never afraid to dabble in androgynous fashion, and I noticed a lot of menswear-inspired shorts on women. A Bermuda hemline paired with tiny tops was my favorite combination and a look I’ll be replicating at home.


(Image credit: @camillecharriere)

To me, Barcelona felt like summer, but the locals who are used to a warmer climate were still dressed in more of an early spring wardrobe. This meant I picked up on some outerwear themes, and distressed leather jackets were certainly prevalent among the street style crowd. This staple is definitely an effortless take on leather.