How the Delta game emulator took over the App Store


Obviously, there was huge pent-up demand for Delta. But is this a singular phenomenon or the start of a new more open future for the iPhone? What else might Apple allow in the App Store if it means keeping you in the App Store?

On this episode of The Vergecast, we discuss how Delta got into the App Store and what it might mean for the future of the iPhone. We don’t really talk about all the thorny legal issues around ROMs and emulation because they’re thorny and confusing and don’t even really have a clear answer, but we’ll get back to it soon.

After that, we talk about some big news in big tech: Google’s corporate reorg as it tries to compete in an AI world and the new release of Meta AI that puts a chatbot in practically every social app on your phone. Everybody’s all in on AI… but to what end? Is the AI revolution real, or is it just a fad? No one really knows, but everyone’s spending billions just in case.

If you want to know more about everything we discuss in this episode, here are some links to get you started, first on emulators:

And in the lightning round:

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