Giancarlo Esposito’s Making Fans Dreams Come True and Joining the MCU


Ask the average person what high-profile actor should join the MCU that already hasn’t, and Giancarlo Esposito will be one of the common answers. Folks have wanted the Breaking Bad star to be a part of the superhero franchise for years, and it apppears they’ll finally get their wish—but only up to a point.

During a panel this weekend’s CCXP in Brazil, Esposito revealed he’ll be popping up in a future MCU project. He was naturally quiet on which one, but he did describe the role as “better than you can imagine,” and one that’s likely to be revealed fairly soon. He also revealed the character he’s playing isn’t one that folks tend to fancast him as, which feels like another way of saying that no, it won’t be Professor X in the X-Men movies to come.

Let’s assume that “soon” means “San Diego Comic-Con” and break down some potential spots for him to show up. Movie-wise, the only real choices we’ve got Fantastic Four, Deadpool & Wolverine, and Blade. We know Galactus is going to be a part of the former, and Esposito certainly has the voice for him, if not a male version of the Silver Surfer, similar to what Laurence Fishburne did in 2007. Deadpool is a little trickier since, assuming the film won’t just have him be a Professor X variant (like how Doctor Strange 2 handled Reed Richards), he could be a minor (for the film) villain like Mr. Sinister. And in Blade? Well, since he can’t just be another version of Blade alongside Mahershala Ali, the only real options that leaves us with are Whistler or Dracula.

Of the candidates listed above, Galactus feels like the most likely answer. Not only would it add to Esposito’s already sizable voice acting reel, it’s the role of a big villain who would likely end up appearing again in something like What If? or another movie down the line. That same reasoning applies for Silver Surfer or Blade, but those come with caveats: if Fantastic Four did have Norrid Radd appear, it probbaly wouldn’t be for long since Julia Garner’s Shalla-Bal is said to be more prominent. And while it’d be cool to have him chomp throats and rock black leather in Blade, that movie seems cursed and would probably lose him as soon as it got him.

All this is assuming that Esposito’s likely to show up in one of the movies we know about; for all we know, he could easily just be Norman Osborn whoever else. Let us know in the comments below who you thinik he’ll end up playing.

[via Collider]

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