Fallout Just Gave Amazon Its Biggest Streaming Hit In the U.S.


Image: Amazon

A few weeks ago, Amazon touted that Fallout had become its second-biggest debut in the world, right after Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. But it turns out it the heart of the wasteland—or rather specifically, the United Statesthe video game adaptation gave the streamer its biggest opening ever by several magnitudes.

New Nielsen data (via The Hollywood Reporter) confirms that Fallout reached 2.9 billion minutes of viewing time across the first five days of its debut, not counting viewing on mobile devices or computers. That’s over a billion minutes more than Amazon’s last US record, Reacher in 2022, which streamed 1.84 billion minutes. It’s also more than twice its rival competitor in the same period, Bluey on Disney+, which streamed 1.39 billion minutes with the debut of the highly-anticipated blockbuster episode “The Sign”, the apex of the Australian Blue Heeler’s dominance of the animation and streaming world. Okie-dokie indeed, Fallout!

We already knew Amazon was very eager to return to the wasteland with Lucy and her… friends? Frenemies? Associates in revenge? Season 2 was rapidly confirmed after season 1 dropped, but for all the valid gripes that maybe Amazon shouldn’t have put out the whole season in one go, it looks like that’s not stopped people from positively saturating themselves in Fallout as soon as they could. Whatever gets us more Walton Goggins, honestly.

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