Colour Analysts Agree—This Dress Trend Is Graceful, Timeless and Suits Everyone


As we move towards the summer season, I’m eager to treat my wardrobe to a much needed breath of fresh air after months of styling heavy colours and shades. Having spotted pale blue dresses all over the runway during the spring/summer collections, the trend is now tricking into shop fronts and it looks like just the palate cleanser I’ve been searching for.

In tune with the energising spirit of the warm-weather season, the pale blue dress trend taps into the current colours that are circulating, mirroring the sky-blue shade that we’ll (hopefully) be seeing much more of. Imparting a feeling of optimism and calm, the emerging colour trend offers an easy way to lift your wardrobe without feeling like you’re having to buy into a buzzy trend.

Whilst you might deem pale blue too difficult a colour to style, we’re very used to working it into our daily outfits in the form of mid-wash jeans. Going with just about every colour in our collection, the pale blue dress trend harnesses the versatility of the denim shade to create a spirited design that somehow feels both new and familiar.

As it is already a mainstay in so many of our wardrobes, I’m convinced that the pale blue colour trend is one of the rare few shades that truly suits everyone. Colour analysts Hannah and Sofia from Curate Your Style confirmed my theory—with a few caveats. “Blue is an incredibly versatile colour that appears in all 12 seasons in Seasonal Colour Analysis. Your ideal blue depends on the temperature of your colouring. If you lean warm in your undertones, consider a blend of blue/green for your most flattering look. If you are cool-toned, you’ll find it easier to coordinate with pale blues that harmonise with your cool undertones.”

Influencer styles a light blue dress.

Colour expert Francesca Cairns confirmed that “light blue is often considered a universally flattering colour because it complements a wide range of skin tones and hair colours”. Styling well with rich colours such as burgundy and chocolate brown that anchor the light shade, the colour also pairs very well with “neutrals like white, beige, and grey for a classic look” speaks Cairns.

Whilst I’m shopping a midi or maxi style that will leave me in good stead for my summer full of weddings, I’ve also been charmed by the playful pale blue mini dresses I’ve been spotting on the high street as of late.

Influencer styles a pale blue dress.

From the new Victoria Beckham X Mango collaboration, to Reformation and Rixo, below we’ve rounded up the best pale blue dresses of the season. To discover the pale blue dress trend, read on to shop our edit below.