Baseball Caps Are the Accessory Trend of Choice for Fashion People


Summer is officially around the corner, and I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t already mood-boarded by entire summer aesthetic. Tapping in to sporty references, natural fabrics and a few new-season trends, I’m ready and raring to embark one of my most stylish summers so far.

Influencer wears a baseball cap.

During my pursuit of formidable summer style I’ve come across a few hero items that will be making very frequent outings. Up there with raffia bags and white cotton dresses, for me, this year is all about the baseball cap.

Influencer wears a baseball cap.

Adding a sporty and casual element into any day-to-day outfit, baseball caps are the underrated accessory trend that will be seeing me through the warmer months. Styling well with graphic tees and straight-leg jeans, but looking equally chic when paired with a billowy cotton dress (and, of course, leggings and trainers) baseball caps are set to be some of the most in-demand accessories of the season.

Influencer wears a baseball cap.

Whilst the baseball cap trend isn’t entirely new to the scene, this season’s caps offer sleek and minimal designs that pair so well with a polished capsule wardrobe—adding equal helpings of sporty and chic to a look. A mainstay in the wardrobe of so many of our favourite celebrities, rarely a week goes by when I don’t spot Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Russell of Gigi Hadid styling the growing trend.

Taylor Russell styles a baseball cap.

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If that wasn’t enough, I’ve also seen a whole host of French women adopting the piece too this season, further cementing its chic credentials. Plus, it’s an effective way to further protect your skin from the sun, which we all know if more important than style will ever be. Still, it’s a bonus when you can tick off both in one fell swoop.

Influencer wears a baseball cap.

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