Allbirds Tree Runner Go review: why these sneakers are my new go-to



Just in time for Earth Day, Allbirds dropped its latest sustainable sneaker: an update to the signature Tree Runner sneaker called the Tree Runner Go.

While Allbirds started by highlighting sustainability in the footwear industry by making sneakers with merino wool — from founder Tim Brown’s native New Zealand — the brand also took its classic Wool Runner silhouette to create the Tree Runner. The major difference? Instead of using merino wool for the upper material, the Tree Runner is made with a TENCEL Lyocell blend that comes from trees, while the midsoles come from sugarcane PVA.

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Enter the Tree Runner Go — a re-engineered take on the widely loved Tree Runner that now features a ribbed insole to hide foam creasing, improved toe shaping, and new finishes like puffed eyelets and an embroidered Allbirds label on the tongue.

Here at Post Wanted, we put the Allbirds Tree Runner Go sneakers to the test. What did we think? Keep reading to find out.

Angela Tricarico

Before we get into my full review of the new Allbirds Tree Runner Go, here are the criteria I used to test them:

  • How they performed during walks: Allbirds notes that these sneakers are best for “warm weather, everyday wear, classic style,” so I made it a mission to wear these as much as possible.
  • How they felt: Are they comfortable? Can they hold up to prolonged wear? Do I want to keep wearing them?
  • How they fit: Allbirds’ original Tree Runners are not available in half sizes, while the new Tree Runner Go are. I took into account how the sneakers fit, both based on wearing them and based on the size chart the brand provides.

As I noted above, I wanted to wear these sneakers as much as possible to properly break them in and get a feel for them — and was delighted to find that there was no real breaking-in required. These were perfectly comfortable from the minute I laced them up, and the fit was great. I guesstimated based on Allbirds’ sizing chart, comparing measurements to sizing charts from other footwear brands where I know my size, so it was a relief to put them on and know I picked the right size.

Allbirds notes that the shoes are great for walking and everyday wear, so I focused my testing on that rather than running or exercise. Over the span of a week, I wore my Allbirds all the time: taking walks in my suburban neighborhood, commuting, running errands, and strolling around New York City.

And I won’t make you wait any longer for this: the new and improved Tree Runner Go sneakers look great and are super comfortable. As a matter of fact, this pair is quickly becoming my new go-to.

It cannot be overstated just how much I love the Tree Runner Go, even after just a week.

A person's legs and feet wearing white Allbirds shoes in motion
Allie Tricarico

My personal style fits in nicely somewhere between athleisure and casual dresses, so the sleek look of the white pair works with virtually any outfit I wear, whether it’s leggings and a T-shirt to run errands or a cute summer sundress to the office. Not only will the Tree Runner Go sneakers compliment any outfit, but they’ll provide all-day comfort thanks to a few key features that the Allbirds team has improved in this update to the classic Tree Runners.

One feature in particular that I find comfortable is the extra-cushioned heel. That, combined with merino wool insoles and a thicker midsole, give the sneakers a cozy, snug fit. And despite that, the upper material of the shoe, made from TENCEL Lyocell (tree fibers) is ultra-breathable and absolutely perfect as temperatures start rising.

Sure, leather sneakers are great, but as days get warmer, I’d much rather wear something light and airy.

A person's feet wearing white Allbirds shoes
Allie Tricarico


  • Comfortable, cushioned midsole
  • Sustainably made
  • Machine washable
  • Supportive enough for all-day wear


  • Not waterproof – may not be the best shoe for rainy days
  • White SweetFoam midsole may get dirty quickly

If it wasn’t already obvious, I’m a huge fan of these sneakers and I’m looking forward to wearing them all spring and summer. As someone who visits theme parks often, the highest compliment I can give a pair of sneakers is that I’d wear them on a long 10,000+ step day. That being said, the Tree Runner Go will definitely have a place in my luggage next time I jet off to Disney World.

A pair of grey Allbirds Tree Runner sneakers

You can get a pair of Tree Runner Go sneakers now in men’s and women’s sizes. There are five color variants available: white/white sole, medium gray/white sole (pictured above), black/white sole, deep navy/white sole, and rugged beige/stony cream sole.

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