Actor Izzy G. Is Cool With You Getting Mad at Her for Doing Her Job


When I log on to Zoom to meet actor Izzy G., I’m caught a little off guard. I’ve spent the past week watching her in Under the Bridge, the Hulu miniseries based on the Rebecca Godfrey book of the same name about the real-life tragic murder of teenager Reena Virk. Her performance in the show is so scary good and convincing that I’m sure I’ll be met with that same cold disposition and frightening stare I’ve seen from her on-screen. Instead, I’m greeted with an enthusiastic and bubbly demeanor. This, I came to learn over the course of our chat, is the real Izzy G.: charismatic, funny, and talented beyond her years.

Sitting on a white couch in her family home, Izzy is buzzing with energy. She admits she’s a little nervous, so to break the ice, I call out her oversize No Doubt band T-shirt, a beloved piece borrowed from a friend, and ask if she watched the group’s big reunion at Coachella. “I saw the Olivia Rodrigo part,” she replies, speaking to the “Vampire” singer’s surprise cameo from weekend one. What she did watch in full, though, was Lana Del Rey’s enchanting headlining performance complete with a Billie Eilish duet of “Ocean Eyes” and “Video Games.” “I’m a big fan of both of them, and to actually see them together… [It’s] like I went into a coma,” she laughs. “I got FOMO.”

(Image credit: Andie Jane)

We could spend the entirety of our time together debriefing on Coachella highlights, but we’re here to talk about Under the Bridge, the series that is sure to put Izzy, and the rest of the show’s young ensemble cast, on the map. The drama, which also stars Riley Keough and Oscar-nominated actor Lily Gladstone, follows the 1997 true crime story of 14-year-old Reena Virk, who went to join friends at a party and never returned home. As the events of that tragic night begin to unfold, the hidden world of the teens accused of the murder comes into focus.

Izzy plays Kelly Ellard, who was charged with second-degree murder following Reena’s death.

Actor Izzy G. wears matching print jacket and skirt with sheer top.

(Image credit: Andie Jane)

Coming off the comedy series AJ and the Queen and B Positive, Izzy was looking for something meaty, a juicy project she could really sink her teeth into. Enter Under the Bridge. Diving into the script and researching the actual events, Izzy connected pretty quickly with Reena’s story. Her friend was going through a similar experience with teen bullying at the time.